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Our farm
produces with respect for the natural environment and sustainability traditions. The processing techniques are those that you used were from farming families in the last century. The land is worked and fertilized with manure and are not used pesticides or other unnatural substances.
We breed pigs only from barley, corn, acorns, herbs, pumpkins that help and favor slow growth but healthy pigs. The meat is processed in the laboratory and uses only high quality flavors without added lactose and non-natural additives. The seasoning of the meats are slow and have respected the natural time that allow to obtain a product of traditional flavors.

All vegetables are grown in accordance with the seasonal cycle excluding the administration of chemical fertilizers that affect the size of the plant and fruit, losing the taste and flavors of good food.

The oil is certainly a pearl of our firm because all the olives are harvested by hand and processed in the mill with cold extraction system that allows to obtain a unique product with acidity of less than 0.001% and with high organoleptic qualities. The orchard welcomes apple trees, pears, cherries, peaches, apricots, plums native breed scosciamonaca, figs, etc. It follows the same production techniques used farm.

The processing workshop helps to have jams, preserves, sauces with fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables that keeps the original flavor until the time of consummation.
It's thanks to all of our products that tastings at the shop selling farm Lapecheronza certainly are of excellent quality and able to satisfy even the most discerning palates in search of the typical products of Tuscany.
Even the wine Farm bee buzzing comes from Montepulciano companies that manufacture in keeping with tradition.

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